Dear little me,

I am happier than I’ve ever been,

This is the age that you’ve dreamed of,

I am not exactly what you envisioned,

But where did you get that vision from?

I am you,

The vision is now you,

Now I see that all I need to be is a better you.

You were and are perfect as you are,

I love you all the more now,

You’re brave, strong and bolder despite hidden fear,

You take more chances,

You engage with people now,

I am so grateful for the person you are.

Now, you have lived a quarter of your life,

Societal pressure makes it seem like you’re old,

Like you have no choice in what comes next,

Like it’s automatic.

Dear little me and current me,

You have your whole life ahead of you and now you know,

You can be anything no matter what age you are,

It’s never too late to have a dream,

It’s never too late to take a chance,

To get three-quarter of your life in place,

You have to live passionately.

With this, I look forward to more of you.

Thank you little me for who I am now,

Thank you God for grace to see another year.


Current me


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