Travelling on a budget

It has been my dream to travel the world since I was 10 and lost in the imaginary world books. All the places I read about helped me to understand the world we live in and I decided then that I needed to see everything for myself.  My only obstacle was money, so I started researching on how I can achieve this on a budget. For the past five years, I have accumulated information and tips that will be useful to achieve this aim. Here are some tips to get an affordable travel experience:

  1. In some countries students of that region or in general enjoy a discount. For example, in Europe if you are less than 26, you enjoy cheaper travel and discount at tourist sites. Just ensure that you take your ID everywhere you go to enjoy benefits.
  2. Travel in groups of even numbers. This will help you save money on Uber rides, accommodation and food.
  3. Check-in late at the airport. This can help you get the best seats that are usually more expensive in earlier bookings. This has happened to me a lot of this times where I get the seats at the rear end when I check in early and the seats closer to the first-class cabins at the last minute.
  4. Book ahead of time for accommodation and flights about 2 – 5 months prior to your trip especially on a Wednesday at 12 midnight. The flights are always drastically cheaper at this time. You can also use my airbnb code to get £32 off your first booking.
  5. Research on the country and plan to explore yourselves, it is cheaper than booking tour guides except there are the free walk tours in the country such as in Rome. There are also audio guides for free downloads in many museums, so you never have to purchase them.
  6. See some popular tourist destinations and enter only if you want to. You can take pictures in front of them and explore surrounding areas. There are also some sights that free on certain days of the year, so do your research to take advantage of this.
  7. Travel off-season especially from January to May or September to November. The weather will still be beautiful with a few compromises such as rain and the number of tourists would be reduced so you can enjoy all the sites you need to see without a long line. Also tickets are cheaper during this period.
  8. Use public transportation such as trains or buses. You can get a metro ticket that covers more than one day if you are staying longer than that.
  9. Eat like a local. Find out where the people living in that area eat and enjoy your meals authentically.
  10. Book an airline that allows a carry-on so that you can have more luggage and not have to pay for it.

I hope you have an amazing trip and that these tips could help. I have been using these and have not regretted it.

Have a great day,


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