Tell me everything you know

Studying alone in my dorm room,
I would hear my door flung,
Seeing her in duress I would hear these words,
So often repeated during the years that it became annoying then usual,
Initially, it was exasperating because of the timing.

But eventually I found out that she was brave,
Strong enough to ask for help,
Even though the timing was not in her favour,
I realized also that she was lucky,
Blessed to have someone to confide in,
Someone she could trust.

Later on in my life the tables were turned,
And now I ask that question from time to time,
We all need help at various times in our life,
Just because it’s not immediate doesn’t mean you would never need it,
So help as many people as you can,
Because when it’s your turn you would value it,
Usually it could be from a new friend and even a stranger,
It always comes back.

-Dumebi A.

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