From the time I was 17 I had a hate-love relationship with food. Mostly the former.
I was so scared to have pancakes or anything sweet for fear of gaining weight. It was like I imagined I would double in size by the next day if I had a bite not to envision a plate!

Over time I stopped savoring food and just ate to survive. Sometimes once but mostly twice a day. I was not excited about food anymore and this lack of enthusiasm affected my love for cooking. Finally, cooking became a chore🥺.
For many years I didn’t realize this was a problem until two weeks ago. God showed me that there’s a reason we have designated three meals a day. I researched and practiced it. Three small meals and two mid-day snacks ( which for me is tangerines💕).

I started looking forward to having my lunch by 12 and dinner at 6, my energy was consistent throughout the day, I felt happy and now I don’t struggle with food anxiety anymore. If you struggle with this or did you are not alone.
It might be something else for you that gives you anxiety. God has shown me that he cares for me even as he does the flowers and birds of the air. He cares for you too and wants you healthy in your mind, soul and body.


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