Becoming HER

I sat in my room dreaming of this fairytale,
When I’m finally 16… when I’m 21…
I’ll be this…
I’ll have that…
Oh the imaginations of a young mind,
How do I become the lady I wanted to be?
I search for that yearly so I don’t forget some of things my young self desired.

We all have that mental image of who we want to be in five years,
Do you do anything about it?
If you do nothing you’ll never grow,
Accomplish things beyond your what your mind can fathom,
Sadly, you’ll still be the same person you are now.
You want to be rich but you don’t save or invest,
You want to travel or work in your dream company,
but learn no new language or skill,
It’s time for you to make the effort to be who you want to be.

In my reflections, I realized that our mind is powerful,
I won’t become HER without changing how I think,
This will reflect on my dressing, confidence and association,
My younger self had a point and she knew me without any barriers,
I need to be that person I imagined and more,
This will involve self growth and spiritual growth,
May God help me to attain these goals and revolutionize my thought patterns.

-Dumebi A.

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